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The Simply Good Life

At Line 39, sim­plic­i­ty is a way of life. From the hon­esty and trans­paren­cy we bring to our wine­mak­ing process to cel­e­brat­ing all of life’s lit­tle wins, we believe less is most def­i­nite­ly more. So take a moment to laugh, breathe, sit back and just relax with a glass of deli­cious­ly sim­ple Line 39 wine.

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It’s simply better with friends. Tips, ideas, and inspiration for simply good living

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    Keep the drink menu simple (but fun) 

    Single-serve Line 39 spritzers make a great self-serve option for outdoor guests. Bonus: our spritzers easily transform into a light, refreshing cocktail — just add your favorite fruit and hard alcohol. See our Line 39 spritzer cocktail recipes.

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    Trade in the paper plates for sustainable enamelware 

    Investing in a set of enamel dishes brings a touch of elegance to any backyard barbecue. Plus, they’re durable, stain-resistant and easy to throw in the dishwasher when the party’s over.

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    Use nature as your decorator 

    Pick flowers or greenery from around your yard and arrange in vases, or use potted plants as centerpieces — they’re a long-lasting and affordable alternative to store-bought arrangements.

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